#10 : Determining Relative Mass

​                       Solution

​​​​#2:  Forward or Reverse II.

Click here for the more complete details of Using Student Assistants in a Learner-Paced Science Class.

#4: Wondrous Wood & Water Attractor

#5: Action-Reaction Raft

Solution video

​​#1:  Seesaw SlidesSolution Video

#3: Sounds Familiar

​​#2:  Forward or Reverse II. Solution Video

#3: Sounds Familiar Solution Video

#10 : Determining Relative Mass

#9 : Road Trip Puzzlers [Natural Wonders]  Solution Video


There is more snow on the garage roof than on the house roof.  This is because, as many of you determined,​ the garage is unheated.  Some of the heated air from the house escapes through the roof, melting much of the snow.

#5: Action-Reaction Raft

This tone generator can produce frequencies at the .1 Hertz levels.

 #12:  Bewildering Bead Behavior

 #10:  More Summer Science Puzzlers

 #11:  Snow on Roof III.

 #5:  Grapes, Water Versus Magnets

 #4:  Snow on Roof

Puzzler #1

 Summer 2015 Science Puzzlers:

 Summer 2014 Science Puzzlers:

 #3:  Where is the Bird(s)?

Richard Gunstone and Richard White created 234 physics questions that lead to great discussions and thinking.  Look through this PDF and try some.

Zeke is a colleague from San Francisco and has been associated with the Exploratorium Teacher Institute for years.  Many useful science resources here.

The Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network has all kinds of resources devoted to the incredible world of nanotechnology.

This inquiry-based framework for teaching and learning science in grades 1-12 was developed by a group in Canada.  Excellent templates and ideas for all types of inquiry science.

This website from the United Kingdom offers numerous thought-provoking photos with related questions.  Try some!

A gentleman in the UK is an amateur astronomer.  He produces this website to help educate. (Since he lives in the United Kingdom, will what he describes in tonight's sky apply to the United States?)

This website has many thought-provoking problems related to many different topics (with answers and explanations). Check it out!

Robert Krampf, a.k.a. The Happy Scientist, offers a host of free resources on his website. Great videos and experiment ideas.

Arvind Gupta of India has created a tremendous website explaining how to make dozens of scientific "toys" using common, everyday materials. Try some out and share your results with your science teacher and your classmates.

This link takes teachers to the NGSS.  The final draft was released April 2013.

San Francisco's Exploratorium is the world's greatest hands-on science museum. Their website is amazing, too.

NELMS Resources:

Astronomy Picture of the Day:

Each day a different image is featured including an explanation by a professional astronomer.  Brought to us by NASA.

Earth Science Picture of the Day: NASA's Earth Science Division brings us these amazing photographs.

Teacher Resources

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#7:   Mystery Rising

Click here for Magnetism Activity #1.

​​​​#1:  Seesaw Slides

This link takes teachers to 50-odd physics demo PDFs, compiled by John B. Johnston, retired NH HS physics teacher.

#7: Mystery Rising

PDF.  Click box.

This link takes teachers to 50-odd physics demo PDFs, compiled by John B. Johnston, retired NH HS physics teacher.

If you watch the original video on a computer, you can click on the link for your answer.  If you can't get that link to work from your phone or tablet, you can watch the video above!

 Summer 2016 Science Puzzlers:

#8 : Is There A Problem Here?

#9 : Road Trip Puzzlers [Natural Wonders]

#6: Camera? Camera?  What Camera??

 #8:  Thinking Ambiguously Puzzler

 #9:  Mysterious Motion

 #7:  Icelandic Puzzlers

 #6:  Bookcase Puzzler

#8 : Is There A Problem Here?  Solution Video

#4 : Wondrous Wood & Water Attractor Solution Video

Click here for the outline of Using Student Assistants in a Learner-Paced Science Class.

Click here for Magnetism Activity #2.