Current Bonus Engineering Assignment:

Monkeys' Tails

6th Grade:  Due Wednesday,   1/06

7th Grade:  Due Thursday,   1/07

Student-Created Work

Cells & Genetics:

This labeled diagram indicates a good understanding of the three common states of matter.  We need to conduct an oral interview to make sure the student who created really understands, though!

Here a student photographs materials from the classroom and then annotates the photos.

Here is the second Bonus Engineering Assignment

of the year!

[Last time 16 6th and 7th grade Auroras tried the 1-minute timer and there were some outstanding ideas.].

Here is James's Google Slides for Properties of Matter.  Very completely explained.



Examples of Student-Created Products to show understanding of fundamental goals:

Sound & Light:

Properties of Matter:

Forces & Motion:

Any parents or students who wonder what the value is in such Engineering Projects, watch this video!