Properties of Matter:

Examples of Student-Created Products to show understanding of fundamental goals:

Here is James's Google Slides for Properties of Matter.  Very completely explained.

This labeled diagram indicates a good understanding of the three common states of matter.  We need to conduct an oral interview to make sure the student who created really understands, though!

Here a student photographs materials from the classroom and then annotates the photos.

Any parents or students who wonder what the value is in such Engineering Projects, watch this video!

Here is the first Bonus Engineering Assignment

of the year!

These are not required, but the thinking that goes into these projects is good for you all.  Many students thrive on such creative projects. 

[I predict at least a dozen 6th and 7th grade Auroras will try this.].

Let's see who the most accurate three are!

Sound & Light:

Forces & Motion:



Cells & Genetics:

Current Bonus Engineering Assignment:

 The One-Minute Timer

Due Thursday,   11/19

Student-Created Work