Click here to see if you can solve the problem of Abbie's Flying Fuzz!

 Skylar and Raychel Marble Machine design.

 Alexis, Ellie, and Alex Marble Machine design.

 Is this some amazing sunrise or sunset?  No, Mr. Stith took these photos one right after the other of San Francisco's iconic Transamerica Pyramid.   An infrared filter was placed in front of his camera in the left photo, so only infrared light passed through to his camera lens.  (No visible light made it.)

Monsoon Featured

Science Photo:

 Click here to see Alex M's Fountain video.

[ I hope students, parents and teachers will be inspired to submit photos for the Monsoon Featured Science Photo.  I can help explain the science that may be shown.] 



 Dylan, Kealin, and Ryan Marble Machine design.

 Felicia, Dakota, Emily, and Abigail

 Marble Machine design.

 Danni and Melissa Marble Machine design.

 Emily, Kelsey and Erin Marble Machine design.

 Look at the tremendous work Alisha put into extracting some of her own DNA!  Great work, Alisha!


 Click here to seeJohnny cut apart a Sprite bottle.

 (Is there really a Sprite bottle??!!)

 Click here to see...Double Rainbow:  Mr. Fuller;  Sixth Finger:  Mrs. McKeen;  Hidden Creature:  Mr. Gualtieri;  Cable-Stayed Bridge:  Mr. Stith

Some cool student photos!


 Click here to see...Defying Gravity: Nikki; Melted House: Carleigh.

Here is Volume I for this year:  Mrs. Gualtieri:  Pre-Rainbow;  Mr. Z J Stith: Row of Icicles;  Mr. Sutherland:  Snow on Arrow;  Mr. Stith:  Ornate Icicles.

 Click here to see...Perfect Snowflake: Hayley; One-of-a-Kind Snowflake: Katherine;  Red Wood Ends: Logan;  Moon and Venus: Riley.


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