The Bean Racer:

 The button above takes you to my Google Drive where I've shared the unit activity sheets.  Read through them on-line so you can work through more in class.

Science Through the Window:

Mesmerizing  Rube Goldberg machine with magnets and marbles.  Watch!!

Magnolia-Powered Car:

Super slow-motion video of 142-mile per hour tennis serve.

Perpetual Tetherball:

Another  "perpetual motion machine"?  Take a look and decide for yourself.

Super slow-motion video of baseball hitting steel.

​Press the button, then click "login", then "student login" and type in the teacher room code:  AURORA6E
Type your science period (1A, 1B, 2A or 2B),  last name,  and first initial.  Leave a space between each.  
Like this:      2A  Stith D​

Super slow-motion video of golf ball hitting steel.

Another National Science Foundation video--this one explaining the physics of snowboarding.  Paul Doherty, of the amazing Exploratorium in San Francisco, helps explain the forces acting on the snow boarders.

This video shows the basics of a brand new lighting technology.  In remote African communities, much lightning is done by burning kerosene.  This brings with it dangers of fires and breathing unhealthy fumes.  Gravity Light would seem to solve these problems.

Perpetual Motion:

Have I created the world's first "perpetual motion machine" despite the laws of physics saying it is impossible??  Take a look and decide for yourself.

Great website to explore matter, energy, and subatomic partices.  Includes games, video, and questions and answers.

This is another great science simulation where you can examine the relationship between kinetic, potential, and thermal (heat) energy.

Was the ball hit to third for an out actually a foul ball?  Let's see what the infrared camera reveals!

Another really clever ad by Honda. This one shows a series of energy transfers using Honda parts.

This TED-Ed video provides a good overview of energy.  "Energy" is a huge idea in science, but can be difficult for students to explain in their own words.

Other Cool Resources:

Fundamental Goals, Outlines, and Quizlet:

                  Properties of Energy