Here are the specific goals you must include in your Magnetism Product (and follow-up interview)

 The button above takes you to my Google Drive where I've shared the unit activity sheets.  Read through them on-line so you can work through more in class.

Here's Nora's magnetic toy.  Watch as kindergarteners think about how it works!

​Press the button, then click "login", then "student login" and type in the teacher room code:  AURORA6D
Type your science period (1A, 1B, 2A or 2B),  last name,  and first initial.  Leave a space between each.  
Like this:      
2A  Stith D​

This video shows the Spinning Ballerina.  Watch it and then try to make it!  

This video shows the Levitating Pencil.  Watch it and then try to make it!  

Fundamental Goals, Outlines, and Quizlet:

Other Cool Resources: