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Outlines, Product Goals, Socrative, and Link to Google Drive​:

Other Cool Resources:

Travel Deep Inside A Leaf:

By California Academy of Sciences.

Among the Wild Chimpanzees. 

(This has been called the greatest documentary eve made.)

This video describes factors that limit the size of a population.  

 The button above takes you to my Google Drive where I've shared the unit activity sheets.  Read through them on-line so you can work through more in class.

Here is Part III.  Is this what you expected?  Can you find the leaves in midair?  (There are five.)

Biological carrying capacity

This video describes abiotic and biotic factors.

From Wild Wolves to Mans Best Friend:

This video introduces you to natural selection and explains how we got "man's best friend."

Here are the specific goals you include in your Product for Ecology part II.  

The "I Can" Statements help clarify to students and parents what exactly students are expected to understand from the unit.  Use the regular unit outline as an answer key. 


Dermestid beetles on the job!

Decomposition of snake time lapse.

This video shows biological levels of organisms.

Introduction to Photosynthesis:

By Frank Gregorio.

The Photosynthesis Song:

Parody of The Weeknd--Starboy.

This is the complete set of notes for the first part of our unit.  Additional details not listed in the Fundamental Goals are included here.  This outline can be used as an answer key for the "I Can" Statements listed below.