My wife and son are often "science guinea pigs"!

Can you find me?

Mission Statement:

The goal of Stithsonian Science is to share all kinds of science ideas with teachers, students and parents—actually anyone interested in science. The science of everyday life--things one may not pay much attention to-- is a focus of this website. 


I have taught middle school science since 1987.  I have also taught Science Methods to student teachers at a local community college. Furniture-making is a hobby of mine, and my woodworking workshop in my basement gives me the ability to build all kinds of scientific apparatus.

During the 2011-12 school year, I considered creating my own website. Matt, a student of mine, asked about something.  I told him I had made this years earlier. I dug around in some back cabinets and pulled it out. "This place is like the Stithsonian!" he exclaimed, with a clever play on my name and the famous institution. Suddenly I had my website name!