#10  Mr. Stith's Wondrous Wood & Water Attractor

#6*:  Bouncing Steel Spheres.  

#3 State Capitals Puzzler II. Solutions

#1:  Military Ranks Puzzler Solution 

#4:  Road Trip Puzzlers II

#2*  Shadow Questions

#4*  Action-Reaction Raft Solution

#6  Is There A Problem Here? Solution

#5: Clever Logos II 

#3 State Capitals Puzzler II.

#6*:  Bouncing Steel Spheres solution: 

#8 Mysterious Motion Solution

  Puzzler Attempts Leaders:

  12.     Kaylee M,   Maddie T,    Bad Reagan,   

     8.     Samantha S​,

     7.     Quinn M,   Mason L,

     6.     Michael C,   Ryan B,   

     5.     Piper L,   Regan B,    Grace R,    Will B, 

     4.     Evie K,    

     3.    Sam M,    Finn M,  

     2.     Lisa S,     Hayley S,    Sage P,   Luc G,    Vivien B,    Olivia B,     Abigail R,  

     1.     Faith C,       Jakob D,    Riley C,     Lauryn B,   Audrina H,   Nathalie C,

​             Ashleigh L,    Cassie S,   Ben D,   Charlie F,   Maddies S,   Tristan V,   Rhys H, 

              Brendan F,   Isabelle D,   Emma S,   Gabe D,   Michael F,   Matt S,   Brody C, 

              Gavin R,   Logan K,   Ben Q,   Aubrey P,   Joshua T,    Allyson B,   Rebecca S,

              Sienna S,     Jacob S,   Elaina L,   Owen D,   Evan R,   Isabel L,   Addison L


​​​​​​​​​​                            Past Puzzlers:

​​                            Current Puzzler:

Summer Science Puzzlers

#4:  Road Trip Puzzlers II​ Solution

#11:  Ice on Wire;  Ice on String 

#4*  Action-Reaction Raft

#3*:  Race to the Bottom; Race to the Top

#2*:  Mystery Melting... ​Solution

#1:  Military Ranks Puzzler

#6  Is There A Problem Here?

#1:  Seesaw Slides

Each week until September I post a new Summer Science Puzzler.  Some Puzzlers feature specific science content--these will have a *.  Others encourage mental flexibility and require students to use logical thinking and observation skills.  In any case, they're good for all brains--kid and adult!  Give them a try!

{You may email answers to dstith@londonderry.org.  Current students may also give answers to me in class.}

#10  Mr. Stith's Wondrous Wood & Water Attractor Solution

#1:  Seesaw Slidessolution video.

#5: Clever Logos II Solution Video

#11:  Ice on Wire;  Ice on String ​Solution

#8 Mysterious Motion

#2*:  Mystery Melting...

#9 Big Squirt;  Little Squirt

#5  Sounds Familiar

#3*:  Race to the Bottom; Race to the Top Solution 

#7  Forward or Reverse?

#5  Sounds Familiar solution.

Ice on Wire;  Ice on String 

Here is the Final Summer Science Puzzler of 2019.  Answers due by 9:00 PM Monday, September 2. 

​[Two extra days this week!]

Good luck and have fun!