#11:  Densi-Tee Over Time

  Current 7th and 8th graders were able to track the progress of the golf ball over time.  Here's what happened.

#12*:  Bewildering Bead Behavior

Final Summer Science Puzzler!!

  Good job of thinking for the 41 of you who participated in this one.  For the 60-some others, how would you answer the following question?

Why did you not attempt it?

#2*:  Mystery Melting...

#7:  State Capitals Puzzler

#6*:  Bouncing Steel Spheres solution: 

  Puzzler Attempts Leaders:

    11.    Morgan L,    Maddie T,    Maya D,   


    11.    Alisha K,       

    10.    Riley W,   Faith C,

       8.  Mrs. Soares,   Ronan O,  

       7.   Madison G, 

      5.   Amanda R,   Lauryn B,   Donovan A,   

        4.   Sydney J,    Danica D,    Reagan A,   Josh F,    Brighton L​, 

        3.​    Declan B,                                               2.   Hailey C,   Joey C ,      


         1.​  BB F,    Reed E,   Ava N,    Mrs. McKeen,   Ashleigh L,   Adam H,   Genevieve M,

             Andrew L,   Draco B,   Jacob M,   Zach M,   Kayla S,   Dante C,   Katelyn R,   

             Bianca B,   Stephanie G,   Emily W,   Ethan W,   Stephanie P,   Colin K,   Ciera C,

             Reagan F,   Domenica V,   Emma N,   Kalvin T,   Emily K,   Gage L,    Joe S,

             Alex S,   Ava B,   Alyssa O,   Brady G,   Jayden S,   Ava N,   Alivia C,   Ryan P, 

             Jeffrey S,   Ryan C,   Caleb G

​​                            Current Puzzler:

#3*:  Race to the Bottom; Race to the Top Solution 

#9*:  Measuring Mass Underwater

  The solution video plays when you select an answer at the end of this video.  (Note:  Need computer or tablet to play it.)

#7:  State Capital Puzzlersolution video: 

#1:  Military Ranks Puzzler

#8*:  Measuring Weight Underwater

#6*:  Bouncing Steel Spheres.  

#1:  Military Ranks Puzzler Solution 

#4:  Road Trip Puzzlers II​ Solution

#8*:  Measuring Weight Underwater solution.

Each week until September I post a new Summer Science Puzzler.  Some Puzzlers feature specific science content--these will have a *.  Others encourage mental flexibility and require students to use logical thinking and observation skills.  In any case, they're good for all brains--kid and adult!  Give them a try!

{You may email answers to dstith@londonderry.org.  Current students may also give answers to me in class.}

#3*:  Race to the Bottom; Race to the Top

#11*:  Densi-Tee Intro  

#2*:  Mystery Melting... ​Solution

#4:  Road Trip Puzzlers II

#10:  Candy Clues II. Puzzler


#5: Clever Logos II Solution Video

#5: Clever Logos II 

#10:  Candy Clues II. Puzzler

​​​​​​​​​                            Past Puzzlers:

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