#6:  Clever Logos solution

#3:  Shadow Questions​​

#10:  Up the Down Ramp

Wait until you see Mr. Stith's magical ramp.  Objects placed on it seem to be repelled by gravity!  How do you think it works?

Answers due midnight Sunday, August 27.​​

#7:  Right or Left? 

#1:  Candy Bar Clues solution video​​

#7:  Right or Left? Solutions

#1:  Candy Bar Clues

#6:  Clever Logos

#5:  Road Trip

{Human Engineering}

#5:  Road Trip

{Human Engineering}​  

solution video

#9:  Observations from Bennington Battlefield Explained.

#1:  Months?  Many of you said October or November.  October is good bet.  There seems to be too much green for November.  September probably safer bet.

#2:  Wind?  Since so many red leaves are right below maple we should assumer very light winds.

#3:  The New York and Vermont state lines run through the middle of this house.  Part is in NY (not New England and the other in VT (New England).

#4:  Gum on Sidewalk​​

#8:  Trampoline Effect

#2:  Shampoo Magnet​​

#8:  Trampoline Effect


#4:  Gum on Sidewalk​​  

  solution video

  Puzzler Attempts Leaders:

   9.  Alisha K,    Riley W  

   8.  Jillian M,   Maddy Q 

   7.  Ryan M  

   6.   Katia C,

  5.  Danica D,   David J,    

    4.   Amanda R,   Natalie H,   Bianca F,    Rachel H

   3.    Aika C,

   2.    Eleni K,   Libby B,    Lindsay S,

   1.  Skylar V,     Nathan F,   Delaney R,    Bridget R,     Jonathan W,   Catie B,   Aaron O,

           Matt B,   Maggie S,   Alyssa J​,  Jordan G,    Jillian Maz,   Berlin V,   dadel (?),   April E,

           Emma D,   Kiara E,   Dylan C,     John P,    Brooke S,   Ellie V,   Andreas T

​​​​​​​                            Past Puzzlers:

                            Current Puzzler:

Summer Science Puzzlers

Nearly each week from mid-June until the beginning of September I will post a new Summer Science Puzzler.  Some Puzzlers may feature specific science content.  Others encourage mental flexibility and may call on students to use logical thinking and their observation skills.  In any case, they are good for all brains--kid and adult!  Give them a try!

{You may email answers to dstith@londonderry.org.  Current students may also give answers to me in class.}