Here is the second Engineering Assignment of the second trimester.  

We stress reasonable attempts

  [even if they don't work as intended!]

  Scoring:     1:  No attempt 

2:  Attempt  [minimal time and thought, on-time]

3. Attempt [decent time and thought, on-time] 

Forces & Motion:



Cells & Genetics:

Student-Created Work

Properties of Matter:

Examples of Student-Created Products to show understanding of fundamental goals:

This labeled diagram indicates a good understanding of the three common states of matter.  We need to conduct an oral interview to make sure the student who created really understands, though!

Here a student photographs materials from the classroom and then annotates the photos.

Any parents or students who wonder what the value is in such Engineering Projects, watch this video!

Sound & Light:

Current Engineering Assignment:

 The One-Minute Timer

Due Thursday,   3/07