Students at the EJM school (Paris, France) have been challenged to create a science video and to enter it into a contest.  If you have time, watch the above trailer.  Then click on "Science Video Contest" right below the title.  Click on uploads and watch student videos.  The students would love any constructive comments from you!!

Properties of Matter:

Examples of Student-Created Products to show understanding of fundamental goals:

This labeled diagram indicates a good understanding of the three common states of matter.  We need to conduct an oral interview to make sure the student who created really understands, though!

Here a student photographs materials from the classroom and then annotates the photos.

Science Video Contest Entries 2017

Here is the final Bonus Assignment of the year.    

 The team got off to a fantastic start with 65 attempts of the One-Way Machine, but has been mostly downhill since then (only 6 on the Think Tube).  Let's see what you can do on this one!

Sound & Light:

Forces & Motion:



Cells & Genetics:

Current Bonus Assignment:  The Witch's Broomstick

Due Tuesday,   6/13

Student-Created Work