Click above to see two completely different fish made with the same three puzzle pieces.

​​                          Current Puzzlers:

Click above and print the five-piece fish puzzle.  Last year, students thought the faint box was supposed to be cut out, which made the three-piece puzzle a five-piece one.  Make a fish, another animal, or any other cool design.

Here are the  standings for the

Monsoon Name Riddles Trimester II:

1:  ABOY (14)

2:  Reed (13)   


4.  Mrs. Soares (10)

5:  Nora (8)   

Click above to see one fish and one duck made with the same five puzzle pieces.

Click on the button above.  Print out  the Tree-In-A-Box Puzzle.  The 5 triangles and one rectangle that make up the tree must all fit in the larger rectangular  "box", with no overlap.

                          Current Name Riddles:

                            Past Name Riddles:

                 Challenge Videos:

              Student-Created Name Riddles:

Science Puzzlers

Click on the button above.  Here's the solution to the Tree-In-A-Box Puzzle.  Good effort from all who shared their work with me!

Here is the first set of Monsoon Name Riddles for second trimester!​  Email me the answers ( or place them in the Science Box at school.

Answers due Friday, January 19.

Click above and print out the three-piece fish puzzle.  In addition to a fish, can you make other animals or cool designs?  Show me, or email me photos!

Not sure of some of your classmates' names?  Here's a list of all the students (and  7th and 8th grade student assistants) on the team.