​9:     All known

8:     Brooke E,   Sammie S

7:     Quinn M,   Isabel D

6:     Kaylee M,   Bentley S,

5:     Ava N,   Kalvin T,   Piper L,   Vivien B,

         Elaina L,   Kaitlin M

4:     Evie K

3:     Jaya K  

Click above and print out the three-piece fish puzzle.  In addition to a fish, can you make other animals or cool designs?  Show me, or email me photos!

Click on the button above.  Here's the solution to the Tree-In-A-Box Puzzle.  Good effort from all who shared their work with me!

We had some clever answers for this first caption in our contest (although I think mine was best!).  

​​                          Current Puzzlers:

Click above to see two completely different fish made with the same three puzzle pieces.

​​                          Past Puzzlers:

Here are the answers to the  third volume of Monsoon Name Riddles.

Click above and print the five-piece fish puzzle.  Last year, students thought the faint box was supposed to be cut out, which made the three-piece puzzle a five-piece one.  Make a fish, another animal, or any other cool design.

Here are the standings for the

Monsoon Name Riddles.

Click above to see one fish and one duck made with the same five puzzle pieces.

Click on the button above.  Print out  the Tree-In-A-Box Puzzle.  The 5 triangles and one rectangle that make up the tree must all fit in the larger rectangular  "box", with no overlap.

                          Current Name Riddles:

                            Past Name Riddles:

                 Challenge Videos:

              Student-Created Name Riddles:

Science Puzzlers

Here is the third volume of Monsoon Name Riddles for the year.   How many can you figure out?  

Answers due Friday,  February 21.

Not sure of some of your classmates' names?  Here's a list of all the students (and  7th and 8th grade student assistants) on the team.