Here is a completely different spinning top from the Aeolian top.  Watch the video to the right to learn how to make your own.

This spinning top is easy to make and fun to experiment with.  See details below to make your own!​​

Science at Home

This video shows what the

Magic Refractors do.

Watch here to learn how to make Hurricane Spheres!

Click the button for aeolian top templates and print them out. 

S.E.T. Club Activity

These videos show what we did in S.E.T. Club, and allows you to experiment at home.

Here is a potential Father's Day or birthday gift you can make yourself.  Watch the video below.

This video reminds you how to make Magic Refractors.

Click the buttons above for Unfoldables templates and print them out. 

This video gives all the details you need to make your own aeolian top.

This video explains how the

Magic Refractors work.