Can you tell I'm no musician!

I couldn't make it all the way through this song, so had to hire my son.

Love it or hate it, you have to admit this rendition of Jingle Bells is different!!

Watch 11 of your classmates sing Frosty the Photon and Deck the Labs!

Holiday Songs on Mr. Stith's Homemade Instruments:

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch


One final song for the holidays:  Joy to the World on my xylophona automata!

O Christmas Tree on the Melody Stick.

My Rolling Xylophone!


More information than you want on sparks probably!

Mr. Phillips and I didn't perform this at the Monsoon Talent Show, but look at our talent!!

More experiments in microgravity from the International Space Station.  This one shows water "sheets" with food coloring spreading through them.

Watch this incredibly clever "symphony" at a German supermarket.  Very fun!!

  A German magician/salesperson demonstrates amazing iPad capabilities.  The hand is quicker than the eye!

This YouTube video presents 50 misconceptions in science that are common.  We discussed a few of these, but not most of them.

Another fascinating advertisement by Honda.  I almost put this in "Light" because these are optical illusions...  Watch!  Very cool!!

Astronomy Picture of the Day:

Each day a different image is featured including an explanation by a professional astronomer.  Brought to us by NASA.

Earth Science Picture of the Day: NASA's Earth Science Division brings us these amazing photographs.

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