Hammer and feather falling in the vacuum of the moon.

Space Balloonacy:   Watch the amazing behavior of water balloons in the International Space Station. 

CD rotates so fast it shatters!

Newton's Eggs.

Amazing bead experiment.

Other Cool Resources:

Outlines, Product Goals, Quizlet & Socrative:

Forces & Motion    

Forrest Explores Friction & Gravity.

Simplified Push or Pull Basics.

Metronome Motion.

Force Diagrams.

Tethered Cannons.  

Newton's Laws of Motion.

Understanding Forces.

 The button above takes you to my Google Drive where I've shared the unit activity sheets.  Read through them on-line so you can work through more in class.

Ice Tsunami! 

Ball in bowl in free fall. 

Thin Film Physics:   Watch the amazing behavior of these films in the International Space Station. 

On this Japanese game show, participants try to climb super slippery stairs.  See why we NEED friction!

Here are the four goals you need to accomplish on your Product for Forces & Motion.  You can start planning immediately.  

The Forces & Motion  Socrative Quiz is Thursday,  May 2.   Press the button, then click on "student login" and type in the teacher room code:  519073.  

Remember to sign in as follows: 
Period  Last name   First.      B Phillips, C

Bouncing Confetti.

Bouncy Ball Collisions.

How automobile differentials work.  

(From the 1930's)  

After you interview with your product, you will work on one of the following four activities.  No partner?  Choose either Gutter Cars or Sail Cars.