Ball in bowl in free fall. 

Thin Film Physics:   Watch the amazing behavior of these films in the International Space Station. 

Bouncing Confetti.

Tethered Cannons.  

Newton's Laws of Motion.

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On this Japanese game show, participants try to climb super slippery stairs.  See why we NEED friction!

Bouncy Ball Collisions.

Understanding Forces.

[Watch weekend of April 1!]

Forrest Explores Friction & Gravity.

Simplified Push or Pull Basics.

Here are the four goals you need to accomplish on your Product for Forces & Motion.  You can start planning immediately.  

Metronome Motion.

Ice Tsunami! 

How automobile differentials work.  

(From the 1930's)  

Force Diagrams.

The Forces & Motion  Socrative Quiz is now active.   Press the button, then click on "student login" and type in the teacher room code:  519073.  

LMS Forces of Motion.

Hammer and feather falling in the vacuum of the moon.

[Watch weekend of April 1!]

Space Balloonacy:   Watch the amazing behavior of water balloons in the International Space Station. 

Forces & Motion Activities PDFs and Audio Files:

CD rotates so fast it shatters!

Newton's Eggs.

Amazing bead experiment.

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Forces & Motion