Here is the second Family Science Project of 2016-17--Rumblebot Sumos.  

Here are the letters this year's Monsoons found.  I think you'll agree that there are some extremely creative and observant students on our team!

Here are the 2016-17--Rumblebot Sumos.   Ten Monsoons participated in this Family Science project.  [I'd have liked more participation, but the students who did participate did well!]

Here are the 2014-15 Diving Submarines.   

How do Rumblebot Sumos work?   Watch the video above to see.

Here are the 2016-17 Diving Submarines.   Fantastic participation and quality from this year's Monsoons! Click on the video and see for yourself!

Here are the 2013-14 Diving Submarines.   

Here is your first Family Science project of the year.  Take advantage of summer-like weather and test you Makin' A Splash project outside!  Work with a friend, a family member, or by yourself.

Project due Friday,  November 3.

I always do one Family Science project that is completely different from the others.  Brand new this year, here is Letters Scavenger Hunt.  How many letters can you find? Can you spell out Do Science?  Try for fun, or compete with others.  

Project due Friday,  May 19.

Here is the  first Family Science Project of 2016-17--Diving Submarines.   Grab a family member, a friend, or try it yourself.   Although no extra credit is earned, you gain something far more valuable:  experience! 

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