Here are some of my designs that I didn't race.

Some of you heard about this at the Monsoon Family Science Evening a few weeks ago--the Groovy Raceway!  

Current Projects:

Here are the results of the races from ASD last Thursday!  

(Hey, Packers beat all Patriots!!  Go, Reed.)

Templates available on Science at Home page.  

Here is the science behind the Makin' A Splash projects.  

Here are the results of the 2017-8 Monsoon Makin' A Splash projects.  Who's the winner??  You will likely need a big screen to see the motion of the highest drops--very tricky!  Good job on all who participated!!

Right after February Break I showed you the simple origami that levitated over air flowing through four straws.  That led to this brand new Family Science project.  

​Due Friday,  May 11.

Past Projects:

Family Science Evening:

Family Science