Here's Activity #11.

"Frankenstein Bottle" video.  

(Static electricity explosion safety)

This video shows how electricity can be changed into another form of energy--sound.

An overview of what we need to make an electric current.

Resources to do at home and share with family:

Here's a deeper explanation of #11.

The Electricity  Socrative Quiz is now active.  Press the button, then click on "student login" and type in the teacher room code:  519073.  

Other Cool Resources:

[Product Goals, Outlines, Quizlet, Socrative Quiz:]


 The button above takes you to my Google Drive where I've shared the unit activity sheets.  Read through them on-line so you can work through more in class.

A good overview of  charges.

The Electromagnetic Train explained!

Charges in the natural world.

Cool look at static electricity!

What's this?  Perpetual motion?  I thought that was impossible!!

Please share this with your parents if they don't pay attention to you when you explain some simple safety techniques they want to use each time they fill up at the gas station!

Fascinating experiments with the plasma ball!  Discussed conductors, insulators, and electric fields.

Lenz's Law--Electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism in action!

Physics Girl explains how to shrink a quarter using electromagnetism.

Here are the specific goals you include in your Product for Electricity.  You can start planning immediately. 

Good safety video to share with your family.

Electromagnetism in action!

Watch the video, and then get your parents' permission to check out a Kill-A-Watt and to bring one home.

Here is the Kill-A-Watt explanation​ video.  

Lenz's Law explained.

There are several amazing virtual experiments you can run from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory website.  Check them out!

Really cool way to explore information about charges through simulations.

[A TON of good stuff here, but your parents will need to allow you to register.]

Here's BB's electricity product at Moose Hill.  Listen to kindergarteners try to explain it! 

How electricity changes to light in bulbs.

Take a look at this every few days.  What do you notice about the location of lightning strikes.  How might this change throughout the year?

Don't try this at home!