March Birthdays:

2:    Brandon A

3:    Amanda R

8:    Kelly E

12:   Lindsay S

17:  Ashleigh L,   Gus H 

25:   Sarah and Olivia D

28:  Luke K,   Jack N

​31:  Michael B

3:    Braeden D-B  

8:    Josh F

9:    Abbiddee W  

10:  Jacob S

21:  Matthew B

27:  Emma L

28:  Kiara E    

Meetings begin at 7:15 in Room 298.

  3/09,  3/23,  4/06,  4/20,  5/04,  5/18,  6/01.

           Meetings canceled on Delayed Opening days.

      All regular meetings begin at 7:05 AM.  Students alternate between rooms 298 and 288 from one meeting to the next.

      3/15,   3/29,  4/12,  5/10,  5/24 (Final meeting)

Meetings canceled on Delayed Opening days.

Strategy Games Club Dates:

S.E.T. Club Dates:

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Electricity Socrative Quiz set up!   (Electricity)​

Monsoon Name Riddles III.  (Science Puzzlers)​

The Groovy Raceway  Race results  and My Designs  (Family Science)
Student-Designed Investigations Google Drive link and Socrative

               Quiz link up and ready    (Acting Like A Scientist)​

Mid 2nd Trimester Update  (Parent Info)

Mr. Stith's version of liquid sand  (More Science)

 Monsoon Featured Science Photo    (Science Photos & Videos)

February  Birthdays:

 Latest Additions: